I have been surrounded by death all of my adult life: lost two loves to violent motor vehicle collisions; and spent 20 years as a trauma surgeon helping victims struggle for survival-and yet I still have not come to terms with death.  Is death final or it is simply a crossing into another state of being or non-being? Humble images of road crosses, which memorialize the sudden and tragic death of a mother, father, brother sister, son, daughter, or friend are set against the infinite blue of the Montana sky. The photographs, which were often taken on the fly at dangerous intersections will be presented as two 8 x 10 foot images on each of the long parallel walls. The end wall will act as a stage with risers for a live performance of solemn polyphonic music sung by a choir of many male voices. Subsequent viewers will see and hear the absent chorus only as a captured memory set above empty risers. I want to create a space where the viewer struggles with the same question that I struggle with: after death, then what?

Opening April 8, 2016 at the Canzani Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.